Scaling Success:
Scrubbed Transformed MCG Capital Advisory's Operations and Growth 

MCG Capital Advisory, a financial due diligence firm, faced a challenge of increasing their capacity and finding skilled professionals to handle their expanding client work. Dissatisfied with their previous outsourcing arrangement, they turned to Scrubbed, a company recommended by another client in the transaction advisory field. 

In this case study, learn how collaborating with Scrubbed enhanced MCG's capabilities, eliminated talent acquisition challenges, and significantly bolstered their project portfolio. MCG's growth trajectory shifted from incremental to accelerated with Scrubbed's impactful contribution.

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What You'll Learn

  • The benefits of leveraging external expertise to tackle challenging projects involving complex data
  • The challenges faced by this firm in terms of capacity expansion and talent acquisition
  • The critical role played by Scrubbed in data book preparation, analysis, and tailored client reporting
  • How outsourcing can provide fresh perspectives and enhance the quality of deliverables

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