The Founder’s Guide to Early-Stage Funding

As the founder of a new business, you’ve developed an idea for a product you believe will fill an important need in the market. But while the idea itself may seem like the most important driver of your new venture’s success, your ability to raise capital is one of the greatest determinants of your company’s viability.

If your business is ready to raise early-stage capital and you need help preparing clear, accurate financial statements for potential investors, download The Founder’s Guide to Early-Stage Funding for an insider's look on how founders navigate the complexities of early-stage fundraising, from seed capital to Series A and beyond.

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How Early-Stage Funding Has Evolved

Aside from a founder’s own assets, the money needed to get a startup off the ground typically comes from seed capital. As the word “seed” implies, these funds help to nurture a new business idea into life. It takes a leap of faith and shared beliefs for investors to be willing to provide funding at the idea stage of a new venture.

This guide can help you learn:

  • What Type of Early-Stage Funding is Right for You?
  • What Early-Stage Investors Look For
  • How to Prepare to Raise Capital
  • How an Outsourced Provider Like Scrubbed Can Help

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